Fabrizio Bellocchio

I have wanted to inaugurate this ” window ” on the manga (Japanese comic strips) and on the Anime with one of the most beautiful work who our Country, Italy, has cared in the last years: Neon Genesis Evangelion. More than a work, NGE (for convenience) it has been, but anchor is it, a real cultural phenomenon; these in fact, it contains: an animate version of 26 episodes, a version manga, two games, a film and, naturally, merchandising of every type and for every taste. Since the beginning of the work, the author, the reader-televiewer sets, of front to a series of matters that, in some cases, they result to be very complex in the comprehension of the product. The treated matters vary from the philosophy to the sociology. The versions come in Italy, that animate and that manga, are both taken care of by the staff of the Dynamic Italy in scrupulous way and without never falling in error. NGE is a product a lot of complex and, really for this, fascinating. The wealth of technical terms, scientific, soldiers and exegetic, the tall number of signs and you postpone that the authors have disseminated in the varied episodes (is in the manga that in the Anime) they do a series of it extremely difficult to treat, but deserving, for this, of special publishing attentions. This complexity caused by the numerous technical terms is due really to the endless series of matters essays and, the cleverness of the authors, consists of the fact what these terms, these reasoning have been receipted totally from the fans of the work so much from to give birth to born around to it a whirling turn of opinions and ideas on the psychological reality of the protagonists that mirrors, in faithful way, the psychological profile of the existing incommunicability between the young people and the contemporary society. After this small premise, we pass to the Italian transpositions. As affirmed in precedence, both the versions are edited by the Dynamic Italy, a firm that has already brought with success series of OAV, Original Anime Video (denomination for the only serious homes video), as Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi muyo, Saint Seya and others. The papery edition derives from an accord between this society and the publishing Marvel, Planet Manga, thanks to which have succeeded to get a product of tall profile. From to signal the numerous index books in the manga, you take care of to the perfection and the small encyclopædia in enclosure with the video record, realised for satisfying the curiosities of the most pretentious of him impassioned. I can be affirmed, without fearing denials, that the two Italian versions of NGE are the better publishing work of the last years. After the notes of comment, I would like to mention its plot. Year 2000 AD You human race grazes the apocalypse, when a meteorite is broken the Antarctica violently above, loosening of it, in few instants, the polar cap. The level of the oceans is lifted suddenly and the terrestrial axle suffers a move causing climatic upsetting and natural disasters of biblical proportions… it is the Second Impact. To the cataclysm you/they follow civil wars, economic crisis and racial conflicts; at the end of everything, the humanity results halved. Year 2015 AD A new awful threat comes on the Earth, from a little returned on the street of the reconstruction: mysterious Angels attack the city of Mole Tokyo-3, futuristic metropolis destined to become the new capital of Japan. The attack of the Angels seems to gather unprepared the whole humanity but the agency Special Nerv, a military organisation to the direct dependence of the United Nations, has developed secretly an appalling weapon anti-angel: the car umanoide Evangelion. These are the premises of the plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion… good fun! (Reserved reproduction).

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